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Tester / Programmer for Voice Control Modules

Portable equipment in a briefcase type housing for testing voice control modules. Designed specifically for field failure analysis & restoration of voice control modules at the customer site. Can read the module flash memory contents & display in various formats for analysis. Fast programming equipment can restore all or part of the flash. Extensive test & com mu nication capabilities include: Bluetooth, fibre optic and Kbus. The equipment incorporates an internal variable frequency sine wave generator & signal measurement facilities for audio testing.


Modules Tested

  • SWIM - all versions

The SWIM module (Super Wireless Interface Module) is fitted to some luxury vehicles to give the driver hands free, voice activated communication with the car & mobile phone. It provides voice control of various vehicle and phone functions.  SWIM MOST has similar capabilities, but has MOST communications in addition.  MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a fibre optic communications system providing an optical multimedia network with in the vehicle.


Portable SWIM Tester Capabilities

  • Field failure / warranty analysis & repair
    • Capable of performing 80% of the production line functional tests
    • Can reprogram / restore ~90% of SWIM field failures & detect “real” failures for factory return
  • Powerful SWIM design & development tool
    • Various SWIM flash programming modes available
    • Flash reader & contents analyser with selection of display modes
    • Audio signal generation & measurement
    • Tools for work on MOST fibre optic & Bluetooth communications
  • Flexible laboratory analysis & diagnostic tool
    • Comprehensive set of module test sequences
    • Easy programming language for patches, loops, new sequences


Comprehensive Set of Module Tests

Capable of performing 80% of the production line functional tests performed in original module manufacture

Typical Test Sequence


Flash Programmer and Reader

SWIM module flash programmer

  • Easy to use, self explanatory menu driven software
  • SWIM flash 100% reprogrammed in ~3 minutes
  • Selection of programming modes available:
  • Write FFS, or LFS file from hard drive
  • Write EXE file (Boot Loader) & application file

Flash reader & contents analyser

  • SWIM flash contents read & displayed in customer FFS format
  • Display of 1K of contents from any preset start address
  • Simple double click to open flash files
  • Display matrix shows address & contents in Hex
  • Parallel window shows data as ASCII character string


Module Communications Screen


Audio and Communications

Tester audio capabilities

  • Sine wave generator (128hz-16khz) for audio tests
  • Analogue signal frequency measuring capability
  • Peak-to-peak audio signal measurement for speaker signal etc
  • Microphone input & speaker output
  • Up to 16 analogue inputs

Tester to SWIM module communication

  • KBus communication interface
  • MOST fibre optic communications
  • Bluetooth including Plant Link (DLL) driver software
  • USB communications
  • Up to 32 digital outputs


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