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Audio & Climate Control Production Line Tester

Plant Link production line test equipment for automotive manufacturing facilities. It is two testers in one performing a full set of production line functional tests on two different module types. The machine performs 100% of the functional tests required for the manufacture of an audio module & of a climate control module.

  • Performs 100% of the functional tests required in LSRSE & PSA module production
  • 16 analogue inputs, 200 Ks/s, +/-10V, 16 bit res.
  • 16 configurable digital inputs / outputs.
  • Dual ( 2 ports) high speed & dual low speed CAN
  • 4 dynamic acquisition channels
    • 90 dB dynamic range, 5.0 to 204.8 KS/s, 16 bits resolution
  • LSRSE audio tests & measurements
    • For all measurements, different gain settings are applied via CAN
    • Audio signal RMS value measured
    • Output gain measured
    • Audio outputs harmonic distortion verified

Modules Tested

LSRSE (Low Series Rear Seat Entertainment) audio module
PSA module for rear seat passenger control of temperature & air flow


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