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Portable ECU Tester and Programmer

For use with the ESU Engine Control Modules

Portable equipment in a briefcase type housing for testing ECUs (Engine Control Units). Designed specifically for field failure analysis & restoration of "ESU" modules at the customer site. Totally automatic - bar code reader recognises ECU, selects correct test & calibration programs & initiates process. Has option to recalibrate ECU (reprogram internal Flash memory contained in ECU module)

  • Portable unit for field failure / warranty analysis & module repair
  • Capable of performing many of the functional tests used in original ESU manufacture
  • Option to recalibrate ESU
    (reprograms internal Flash memory contained in ESU module)
  • Totally automatic - bar code reader recognises ESU, selects correct test program & initiates test

  • Tests up to 16 module outputs, including injectors drivers, coil drivers, fuel pump, etc
  • Pre-programmed with all available versions of modules & engine strategies
  • Can be updated with new calibrations when available
  • Has CAN High Speed communication
  • Able to read & analyze all DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) stored in the module flash
  • Can restore module VID Block (Vehicle Configuration ID Block ) & reset module to initial state (i.e. state after module manufacture)



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