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Bench-Top ECU Programmer and Testers

The Plant Link S.L. Engine Module Testers are designed to program and test Electronic Engine Control modules (ECUs). The equipment can erase and reprogram the ECU calibrations (control software held in Flash memory). This new generation of Engine Module Testers are able to perform an extensive number of tests on the module, mirroring most of the tests used in ECU manufacture. The latest equipment designed for Ford was set up to automatically detect, test and reprogram more than 1000 variations of ECU modules and calibrations. In fact there is no limit to the number of variations they can support.



  • Comprehensive test sequence reproduces 70% of all tests used in the original ECU manufacturing line
  • Option to recalibrate ECU (reprograms internal Flash memory contained in ECU module)
  • New ECU revisions downloaded via Internet
  • Pre-programmed with more than 1000 versions of ECU modules & engine strategies
  • Totally automatic - bar code reader recognises ECU, selects correct test program & initiates test
  • Employ Smart Card security


Engine Module Testers - Performance & Characteristics

The units come with customised hardware and software that is intuitive and simple to use. It can be easily updated to test new calibrations, new modules and new module families. The Plant Link S.L. Proprietary Test Programming Language makes it a very simple task to create new tests or modify existing ones.

  • 100% Correlation: A comparison of the 2001 test results from the Plant Link S.L. Engine Module Tester located at Ford in Genk and the tests carried out on the same modules returned to the original plant of manufacture (The Visteon Plant in Cadiz) show a 100% correlation.

  • Ease of Use: Ease of use is a major design feature. Great attention has been given to the presentation of screen information to make it simple, intuitive and obvious to understand. New operators can be fully trained in less than 5 minutes.

  • Bar Code Reader: A single pass of the hand held bar code reader collects the serial number and initiates testing. No manual data entry is required. However, manual data entry is retained as an option.

  • Module Test: The equipment automatically determines the module type from the serial number and selects the appropriate test program for that particular ECU. Test results are recorded in individual log files.

  • Log Files: These store a full set of test results for every module. The information is readily available by opening a purpose built display window.

  • Printer: Test results are available as a file or printed by module serial number.

  • Security: Smart Card Security is used to protect module key codes. Only designated operators can use the equipment.

  • FTC: The test equipment makes use of Visteon's FTC (Functional Test Code) stored in the module flash memory to activate and deactivate the outputs of the module, to read input port status and to clear the PATs parameters stored in NVM Ram, etc. If the FTC is not present in the module flash memory, the test equipment can program a temporary FTC in the calibration zone and remove it after the tests are completed.


Engine Module Testers - Maintenance & Software Updates

  • Calibration: A major design goal was to eliminate the need for regular manual calibration. This was achieved by using high stability components in critical applications and by automated self calibration.

  • Diagnostics: A quick functional test is performed at start up. Extensive and automated self diagnostics are part of the software supplied. This feature performs a very thorough verification of equipment operation including: communications to every card, voltages of all power supplies and output current and voltage of the variable voltage, variable current regulators. It continues with a full system functional test, checks correct operation of each switching matrix relay on every matrix card and verifies correct function of all module loads. If required, this feature can be run by Plant Link S.L. engineers via the remote link.

  • Remote Link: The equipment can be controlled and run remotely via internet or direct phone connection. Software updates, diagnostics and repairs can be performed by an engineer located hundreds or thousands of miles away. This function is available by simply plugging in to a standard phone socket.

  • Software Updates: For new modules, etc. Can be performed in a few minutes via the remote link. Alternatively it is a simple task for a user to install from a CD, or by emailed file. Self installing updates can be provided by Plant Link S.L.

  • Test Modification: This can be done during normal operation by altering the appropriate text file containing the test program. Test parameters are written in simple English and can be altered by typing over the values listed. For example, it is a few seconds work to alter test voltages, currents, test limits, or test sequence.

  • Plant Link S.L. Test Programming Language: A Test Programming Language developed by Plant Link S.L. is provided with the equipment. The language is very simple to use and existing programs can be modified with a few minutes work. The creation of new test programs is a very easy task using the included "Users Programming Guide."

  • Reliability: System reliability was designed in to the equipment at every stage of its development. High stability components have been used where ever a benefit could be gained. Purpose built printed circuit boards, microprocessors and integrated electronics are used to minimise internal wiring and connectors. The internal PC is a very reliable industrial product.

  • Self Installing CDs: A self installing CD is provided with the system. This can re-install all system software on to a blank hard drive. System software updates and programs for new ECU modules can be obtained from Plant Link S.L. as self installing CDs. These are for updating equipment already in use at customer sites. Existing software, files, test results, etc already on the equipment would not be disturbed.

  • Manuals: A users manual is provided with each piece of equipment. Also included is a "Users Programming Guide," for use with the Plant Link S.L. Test Programming Language.

  • Modular Hardware: Cards developed by Plant Link S.L.. They can be extracted from the front of the equipment for inspection or replacement. The cards use the industry standard Eurocard format and are part of a family of boards designed by Plant Link S.L. to meet automotive application needs.

  • Support: Plant Link S.L. engineers are available for development of new programs and product maintenance. Using the remote link facility software additions, modifications or updates can be achieved with in hours of a first request. A complete stock of spare cards is kept at Plant Link S.L.


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